Are carbs evil?  Seems like they are getting a bad rep lately.  Not necessarily. The brain needs at least 100g of carbs in order to function optimally.  The problem is, as we get older, our carb tolerance drops dramatically.  All of a sudden those late night bowls of Captain Crunch are being deposited on our hips.  Add the hormonal decline in women as we age and approach menopause and its a recipe for disaster.  Dont worry!  Its not all your fault!  Many of the physiological occurances in our body, such as body fat issues, are hormonal.  So when it comes to our diet, our best strategy is to create a hormonal environment for fat loss. 

I will talk more about this in class in June. But in a nutshell, insulin is your enemy when it comes to fat loss and your friend when it comes to muscle gain. Insulin is anabolic.  But it also shuts down the fat loss process, which is catabolic. Your job is to keep insulin at bay so that you can continue to burn fat.  You do this by proper carb timing and eating the right amt of carbs and choosing the right ones.  Also, keep in mind your body type will also dictate your carb tolerance.   Also as you get leaner, which means a higher muscle to fat ratio, your carb tolerance actually improves!  With the proper strategies, you can eventually get the body you want!


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fitness trainer and certified nutritionist ISSA Certified Personal Trainer ISSA Certified Sports Fitness Nutritionist MS Biology Clemson graduate student of Biology (Summer 2016) Spinning instructor Group Fitness instructor
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