Minimum effective dose

Another great article by my mentor Dr. John Berardi! 

I post this advice not because I feel like we all need to adopt exercise minimalism.  Its a different viewpoint to show that you do not have to spend many hours in the gym to achieve results.  It also displays the importance of diet.  If your diet is not dialed in, then those hours in the gym can seem like a waste of time.

This alternative viewpoint is optimal for people who simply do not have time to dedicate 1 to 2 hrs a day doing intentional and organized exercise.  (good example, my husband, 10 hr work days, wants to come home and spend time with his family)  Read it with caution! I am not advocating that we all become lazy shleps!  I still believe that if you have the time, you should still get your minimum of 5 hrs of exercise per week for optimal health. But if you’re crunched for time, just clean up your nutrition even more and read below!


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