Watch me shrink-the post baby project

Sept 25, 2011

Its time for an update and not much to say.  As expected, the weight loss is going really slowly.  I still havent lost all my hair yet, which I remember happening around 12 weeks, so I anticipate that I will drop a bit more when that happens.  I am still in transition between pregnancy and post partum.  Took 9mos out of me, so I cant expect things to change overnight.

Ive only lost 5lbs, still have about 20 to go.

I did start my workout program as soon as i was given the ok from doctor 2 weeks ago.  For now, I am doing some full body free weight workouts 2X a week, Group Power 1X a week, and some type of cardio 3X a week.  When weather is nice, its jog/walks with the baby stroller for 30 to 40 minutes.  Indoor cardio has been Step aerobics, but I am going to buy P90X and do that at home soon, at least the cardio portion.

Its amazing how weakened the body gets after pregnancy, and how sore my body feels after working out.  This is why slow and steady is the key!

Diet has been weight watchers.  Right now I need flexibility.  Breastfeeding uses calories and glucose, so its not the time to be cutting carbs.  Weight watchers takes care of the calories to allow me to still diet moderately and be able to keep up my milk supply.

Baby is already 8 weeks old !  How fast time is flying.


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