Watch me shrink-the post baby project

Can you believe he is almost 4 months old? Where is the time going?.

I am down to my last 15lbs.  However, the work is just ahead.  Losing the weight hasn’t been too hard so far, but it also has not been super fast either.  I don’t have much time, especially for long training sessions or preparing foods, so I am forced to take short cuts.  My workout theme has been the minimum effective dose, which for the most part has been around 30 minutes.  Many of nights I am inhaling my dinner while Vinny is screaming his brains out.  The whitching hour is no joke.

Technically I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight in 10 more pounds, however I will not be at my goal body composition, so I will need to transition to recomping.  What is recomping?

When you lose weight, you lose a combination of water, fat and muscle.  Especially if you do not resistance train, you tend to lose a higher percentage of muscle to fat.  That is why many people who lose weight without proper exercise become “skinny-fat”: a smaller version of their before fat body.  What that means is that although you have lost body “weight”, you have not really changed your body composition.  You are still flabby, just smaller.

Changing your physique requires a combination of resistance training and a sound eating plan.  I do not recommend a “recomp” type program for people who are obese, although weight training will help them avoid losing too much muscle.  When you are very overweight, your first focus should be to lose total body weight.  Once you reach a goal weight that is healthy, then you can shift your focus on recomping.  Recomping requires a heavier effort on resistance training(through strategic periodization) and also on your diet.  Typically, your diet needs to be top notch when recomping.  There is less wiggle room when you are already rather lean.

I hope to be within 5lbs of my goal weight by March 21, 2012.  Setting goals are important. They should be realistic and also should have a timeline attached to it.  You need to have a target to reach.

From that point, Id like to be at my “recomp” goal a year from that, depending on when we decide to wean from breastfeeding.

That’s all for now!

Enjoy your Thankgiving holiday!


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