Watch me shrink-the post baby project


WOW, I cannot believe this baby is already 1 years old!  Time flies.  An update on my progress.  I officially reached my pre-pregnancy weight!  But this does not mean its over.  Silly me, I gained a few pounds over the holidays before getting pregnant, so I have another 5 to 7lbs left to go. In addition, this momma is going to be working on body recomposition, as pregnancy definitely changes your fat distribution. I have more in my belly and hips than before, so with diet, weight training, and some cardio, it should take care of it.  I am still nursing, this boy!  He definitely wont let that one go yet, so my prolactin hormone levels are a bit higher. Im sure a few pounds will drop right after we are completley weaned.  I did get my “friend” for the first time last month, so its all a sign that things are finally moving in the right direction!

I took before and after pics of my progress every 3 months, but I am not yet ready to post it.  Once Ive reached a place I am comfortable, I promise to post 🙂

So incase you are wondering what is to come.  I have decided to start watching my caloric intake a bit.  Now i have to be honest, weighing your foods is almost an impossible task when you have 2 hungry kids screaming at you and when you are hungry. But I am doing my best.  I have targeted an average of 1450 to 1600 calories a day, trying to stay within a macronutrient range of 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat, with a tolerance of 5% in either direction.  This has been working so far, Ive been losing 2lbs a month, and am down 20lbs since October.   I plan to keep this diet thru the winter holidays.  I teach 4 classes a week at 2 different gyms, and ocassionally sub at other gyms, but I did start doing a solid weight training program 3 to 4 days a week to help build muscle and keep my metabolism burning.  In the fall I will start some interval runs at the park as well.

Next spring I plan to do about 6 to 12 weeks of carb cycling, which is an advanced dieting strategy.  I did that 2 years ago and made some amazing progress.  After that, I also plan to try Lyle McDonald’s stubborn fat loss solution, for those stubborn lower body fat areas.  This program I have to say, is BRUTAL, and Im not sure i will be cut out for it, but that’s the plan so far

Check it out

Oh and I wanted to share a great article by Metabolic Effect, showing you that too much exercise and too strict of a diet isnt always the best idea!


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