My new experiment

Hello!  As you who know me already know, I like to experiment with different eating programs.  As a trainer and nutritionist, I feel its important to experiment with yourself before you recommend things to clients or friends and family.  My newest experiment is Intermittent Fasting

Here is the protocol below.  Due to my schedule, I am fasting at night, and my goal is to taper it down each week until I am fasting for 16 hrs a day, which would be 4pm to 8am.

I have decided to also do a modified Paleo diet with this fast.  I cannot say I will go completely Paleo, almost impossible when you have two young kids, but I promised I would try about 85% Paleo.  THere are many different Paleo plans out there, but for simplicity  here is Wiki’s definition:

In general, you cut out gluten, and diet consists of vegetables, good fats, lean protein, nuts and seeds and some fruit.  Its a lower carb eating plan. Good news, I can have butter!

I was told by a reputable collegue of mine that the best resource for Paleo is “The Primal Blueprint”.  I have not gotten the chance to read the book yet (school applications for Kindergarten are time consuming!!) but I did buy the Quick and Easy Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  I am impressed with this book so far.  So I decided that every week I was going to try 1 new recipe and post it here on on facebook. Its an aggressive goal but that’s what Im aiming for!

First recipe of the week: Turnip Hash Browns….so stay tuned…its going to be posted next!


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