Watch me shrink-the post baby project

Hello, its been a looong time!  This is because I havent really changed much at all so there wasnt much to post.  Eating clean and getting in a good workout daily doesnt seem to be doing it for me like it did when I was younger.  I realize there are a few things going on:

1.) Need to focus on weight training with a load that challenges my body and causes hormonal changes associated with muscle repair

2.) Reduce stress levels but walking more often, and finding time to rest, take naps and get this baby of mine to sleep through the night

3.)Reduce and/or omit the sources of insulin that could block fat mobilization, such as starches, fruits and dairy.  Although these sources are healthy, they are not fat burning, esp for a 34 year old woman who as had 2 kids

4.) Wean from nursing Vinny.  He is 17 months and still nursing, I never thought I would nurse a baby this long, but here is what is going on according to Metabolic Effect, see below.

So its time to change things up, because obviously what I am doing is not working anymore.  This is called results oriented programming.  You let your results dictate what needs to change.

What about Nursing?

“This has a two part answer.  First, if you look at it from the caloric point of you you are losing energy from milk production and therefore it should help…….this is how most experts would look at it.  It is not the whole story however. Hormones are important here as well.

Breastfeeding mothers will have lower estrogen and testosterone and higher prolactin levels.  This hormonal situation reduces the ability to burn fat from the hormonal perspective.  Estrogen and testosterone are both fat burning (decrease LPL) in their action while prolactin is fat storing (prolactin lowers the fat burning adipocyte adiponectin).
So, from the caloric point of you, yes you will use more energy. But from the hormonal point of view, fat loss is slowed.  This hormonal situation is made worse in the context of common diet practices among women. Women are eating higher carb diets & diets high in dairy foods (which are insulinemic (carbs & dairy) and contain levels of progesterone, estrogen, prolactin and other hormones(dairy)).

Together the mothers internal production of hormones, as well as the standard dietary practices of women (50 to 70% of food in the form of starchy grains & dairy), leaves many women with an inability to lose the baby weight.

The fix is to continue breastfeeding but move to a low carb and lower dairy diet.  Increase vegetables and protein sources and good fats in response. And exercise is imperative to remain insulin sensitive.

Realizing that post pregnancy breast feeding sets up a potential hormonal situation that makes fat loss less likely and fat gain more likely is useful to know.  Controlling insulin & removing endogenous hormone sources is how we would deal with it.”


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