I love my blendtec blender!


Walking through the big ailes of Costco, at that time 6mos pregnant, I was approached by a salesman for Blendtec trying to sell me a $400 Blender.  I couldn’t believe I walked out of there with the blender in my hand, and $400 on my credit card!  3 years later, I still love my blender!  IT was well worth the investment.

Here is what I use my blender for:

  • smoothies
  • fresh juices
  • batters for baking
  • sauces
  • flours
  • nut flours and meals

The blender can do so much more.  You can actually make a hot soup, although I havent tried yet.  You can also hummus, salsa, mixed alcoholic drinks, and so much more…

It has made my healthy eating so much easier!  When making protein bars I whip all the wet ingredients in there and its a batter in a zip.  I make my own oat flour using oatmeal.  I can make suflower seed flour, peanut flour, walnut meal, almond meal, flax meal.  It is also very easy to clean and it has a 7 year warranty.

Also one thing  I learned, that many people dont know is that many of the anticarcinogenic substances in fruits and veggies are actually in the seeds, pulp and skin.  With traditional juicers, you are removing all these things leaving only the juice behind. This blender creates a juice and leaves the pulp and seeds, and you dont even notice it.  I recommend for people trying to prevent cancer, to juice 2 to 4 times a day!

If there is one thing I recommend to people who are dedicating their lives to healthy living its a quality blender like Blendtec!



About mandyfitness

fitness trainer and certified nutritionist ISSA Certified Personal Trainer ISSA Certified Sports Fitness Nutritionist MS Biology Clemson graduate student of Biology (Summer 2016) Spinning instructor Group Fitness instructor
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