About Mandy


Mandy is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast.  She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and a doctorate student at Maryland University of Integrative Health studying Clinical Nutrition.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Biology from Clemson University.

She is also  Certified Fitness Trainer and also a Certified Fitness Nutritionist from ISSA.

Mandy has been teaching Group Fitness since 2004. She currently teaches at Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics and is a Madd Dogg certified Spinning instructor, as well as certified in a variety of Les Mills and BTS programs such as Group Power, BodyStep, RPM, Group Active, to name a few.  She currently uses her talents to teach a variety of classes, including Cycle, Power Cardio and Power Cycle.  She is also the project manager of a diet and fitness application that is schedule to make its debut sometime in 2018, called Diet Achiever.

And finally, Mandy is also an adjunct professor at Central Piedmont Community College teaching Biology!  She is one busy gal, dedicated to her profession!

You can reach her at http://www.naturalhealthachiever.com

A little background ….

Mandy was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2008. She has been on a roller coaster with her health, trying to find out why she has it, and how she can help herself overcome it. She believes she can be cured, and has spent much of her educational time learning about the human body and the role of nutrition and health. Her enrollment in the Masters Program at Clemson University in Biology was a turning point in her quest to get answers.

Mandy is not new to weight loss. She has struggled with a weight problem her entire life, starting at age 12. Mandy is famous for the phrase “I don’t have a skinny gene in my body!” Mandy has recognized through her own experience that your body weight is not just about calories or exercise, as it is hormonal balance and your MINDSET. You must work with your physiology to get the results you desire! But more importantly, you have to transform your perspective and use the power of your mind to achieve your goals.

You can find her on Facebook:

Interstitial Cystitis-Natural Health Achiever

Natural Health Achiever

DA Phase 3 (Which will be replaced by Diet Achiever when the app comes out)


4 Responses to About Mandy

  1. Ilke says:

    Welcome to this world! 🙂

  2. Sheryl A Campbell says:

    YOU GO MAMA!!!!!

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